Procedural Flow Map

Overall Procedures

Investment Procedures

Construction Procedures

Construction Procedures

Investment Procedures

1. Reservation Application (Online)

2. Land Reservation Agreement

3. Company Registration

4. Land Sublease Agreement

5. Environmental Compliance Certificate (ECC) Procedure

6. MIC Investment Approval

7. Visa / Stay Permit

8. Registration of Workers

Construction Procedures

9. Design Approval of Building

10. Building Permit & Fire Safety Certificate

11. Registration of Contractor

12. Registration of Construction Materials

13. Approval of Commencement of Construction

14. Submission of Project Information Sheet

15. Inspection: Building Work & Fire Protection System

16. Environmental Inspection

17. Inspection: Factory Equipment & Facilities

18. Connection of Infrastructure

19. Building Completion Certificate

20. Approval for Completion of Inspection

21. Letter of Approval of Factory Operation

22. Commencement of Commercial Operation

Other Procedures

23. Capital Inflows (Loans)

24. Forwarding the Goods

Policies and Laws

25. Policies and Laws

KMIC Internal Management Regulations

26. Internal management Regulations


27. Information about taxes