Reserve Your Land Area At KMIC

(Online KMIC Website)

1. Submit KMIC Online Application

1. Click on ‘Land Reservation (Online Application)’.
2. Choose the Land Plot your company would like to apply.
3. Complete the application with all necessary information.
4. Click on the tab ‘Submit Application’.

2.Payment of the Reservation Fee (USD 5,000) and Stamp Duty (USD 100) to a Designated Bank Account

The Reservation Fee is USD 5,000 for each land plot. Applicant must pay USD 100 of Stamp Duty for each land plot together with the Reservation Fee. If you want to apply for multiple land plots, you need to fill out one application for each land plot.
* In the event that the applicant for the reservation of the land plot is a consortium formed among multiple parties/companies, then the party/company who owns the largest interest in the consortium should submit the application on behalf of the consortium.

* The Reservation Fee and Stamp Duty

– Applicants shall be solely responsible for payment of stamp duty charged on the execution of the Land Reservation Agreement and the Land Sublease Agreement according to the prevailing laws of Myanmar.

3. Screen if it is Possible to Invest in the Business Type

4. Sign a Land Reservation Agreement
    (Within 30 days from the Date of KMIC Notice)