Procedural flow map

1. Go the KMIC website at
2. Click on Investor Guide and click on Land Reservation
3. Agree on the Terms of Application, by check the box and click on “Click Here”
4. Choose the “Land Plot” which your company is likely to invest
5. Complete the form with all necessary information
2. Submit KMIC On-line application (Applications start on October 15, 2020)
– In case of competition on the same land, the company that sent the Reservation Deposit first is selected as the reserved company.
3. Sign a Land Reservation Agreement
    (Within 1 month from the date of KMIC notification letter)
– If the company does not sign the Land Reservation Agreement with KMIC within one month from the date of KMIC notification letter as the subject of the Reservation Agreement, the reservation deposit will be forfeited by KMIC.
– After signing the contract, it will be confirmed as the company to move into KMIC, and the Reservation Agreement will be made by specifying the deadline for the Land Sublease Agreement as December 31, 2022.
4. Screen whether the business type is possible to invest
– KMIC Easy Service conducts business eligibility examination (confirmation of businesses that cannot move in)
– If it is found to be ineligible to move in, the reservation deposit will be returned to the company.