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Mission Statement

Since its founding in 1986, SAE-A has built a global community of employees and clients. From factory workers to engineers, from textile designers to project managers, our skilled and dedicated workforce is the reason for our success and it sets SAE-A apart from the competition. Operating on a global scale, SAE-A is committed to adjusting to a dynamic and evolving marketplace. This means embracing new technology and innovations that couple safer, more efficient manufacturing processes with the company standard for the highest quality products. While we have grown from a local company thirty years ago to one with worldwide operations today, our business philosophy remains rooted in these three core principles:
With more than 60,000 team members working in 10 countries across four continents, upholding these principles requires an unwavering commitment to best-in-industry business practices while understanding the complexities of global trade. Our associates produce high quality products in supportive and safe workplaces. Not only do we abide by local, national and international regulations but at SAE-A our commitment to the workplace extends beyond what is required. We go one step farther by having our own strict corporate safety and compliance requirements, including regular site visits from oversight teams. We also invest heavily in our employees by providing training programs and opportunities for advancement within the company and beyond our facilities. We invest in programs specifically designed to empower young people, promote sustainable economic growth and address the most urgent needs of the community.

At SAE-A, we believe that international trade opens doors for communities, and benefits our global economy. We understand the dangers of climate change and are committed to do what we can to reduce its impact. And we fully cooperate with environmental oversight organizations at each of our facilities and are actively investing in new green technologies.

We are proud that our operations and operating philosophy today remains true to our roots as a family-run, locally minded company. We look forward to strengthening our relationships, forging new ones, and maintaining our high standards in the years to come.

Who We Are

SAE-A at a glance

From yarn-production through our fabric mills that draw on in new innovation and technology, to retail operations in Korea, SAE-A has become one of the few apparel manufacturers capable of achieving complete vertical-integration of its supply chain. For SAE-A, business means being a member of the community. The company engages in community activities and corporate social responsibility both locally and across all of its operations. We provide personal advancement and career growth opportunities for associates, hold ourselves to stringent environmental standards and support local medical and educational programs. Being a model corporate citizen is of the utmost importance to SAE-A.


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